Tea Review: Harney & Son’s Pumpkin Spice Tea

Who doesn’t love a comforting cup of PSL in the months of October and November? Who am I kidding…we drink it earlier and earlier in the year in hopes of coaxing Autumn to arrive earlier.

But what if you don’t like coffee, or don’t want to drink the calories of a standard PSL, AND YOU LOVE TEA WAY MORE?! Try Harney’s & Sons Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Herbal Tea. Lucky for us, the H&S website says it’s available annually!

This tea has a Rooibos base and cinnamon, clove and nutmeg flavors. 

The New York-based company was started 35 years ago and is still run by the Harney family today. John Harney founded the tea company and created the coveted official line of teas requested by the Historic Royal Palaces of England.

The Pumpkin Spice HRP was an impulse buy on my part as I was literally in line at a Starbucks for a PSL. I’ve tried this tea now both hot and iced and it did well tempting some Fall weather to grace our presence here in Florida!

Waiting while my Harney & Sons Pumpkin Spice tea is steeping! 

Aroma: 7/10 cloves and cinnamon are the first thing to hit the nose when opening the tea can. When steeping, an earthy and almost vegetal aroma from the Rooibos dominates the nose, followed by the cinnamon

Appearance: 7/10 If someone took pumpkin pie filling and liquified it, that’s exactly what the tea looks! It doesn’t brew cloudy so you can see the bottom of your teacup.

Flavor: 4/10 Very earthy taste, hits the lateral edges of the tongue. The notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg don’t shine as much as the Rooibos. Although it’s a much milder tea and not very spicy. May taste better with a splash of milk and a touch of sugar to make your own PST!

Color: 7/10 deep reddish brown with an orange-y edge, almost copper-like.

Benefits: 6/10 Aside from the beneficial Autumnal hug you get from sipping this tea during this time of year, there are some health benefits to consider: Cinnamon has stimulating benefits for circulation and energy. It also fights chills and warms the body. Rooibos may help with lowering blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Overall Experience: 6/10 A little underwhelmed with the taste of the tea on its own. This may be a better experience if you turn it into your own PST by adding milk of your choice and a sweetener to taste.

I added some 2% milk to my Harney & Sons Pumpkin Spice Herbal tea. 
I hope that wherever you are, you can enjoy the comforts of Autumn with this tea and experiment whipping up a PST or pairing it with a wonderful scone or savory meal with squash and sage.

Keep on steeping, tea lovers!


Tea Review | MoxTea’s Viking Moxie Tea

I’ve been anxiously waiting to try this special tea for months now and it’s finally here! I have to tell you the story before we even get to business here:

I purchased this tea during our recent move into a new house and the good ol’ US Postal Service gave this sweet company a run for their money by not properly forwarding packages to us. It took poor MoxTea 3 tries to get it to me, hence why I’m plain giddy to finally try this! I mean seriously, one doesn’t simply withhold tea from me.

viking moxie
I digress…

MoxTea is a Canadian based company that sells 2 main teas: the Chai Moxie (recently released last year) and the Viking Moxie (their “bread-and-butter” tea).


What makes the Viking Moxie tea so special is that the #1 ingredient is Rhodiola Rosea. It’s not very well known here in the states (well, at least I haven’t seen it anywhere) but it’s an ancient herb used in the Old World for boosting energy, focus and alertness.


Initially, the scent of the cinnamon and cloves really hits you in the nose. It tastes very earthy and there’s definitely a spicy kick from the cinnamon!

Aroma: 7/10 cinnamon and cloves
Appearance: 6/10 whole cloves, bits of cinnamon and rose petals. some broken tea leaves.
Flavor: 7/10 earthy, spicy
Color: 7/10 rich honey and deep amber color

Benefits: 9/10 energy booster from the rhodiola, alertness from the cinnamon, stress reducer from the rose petals.

Overall experience: 7/10 I’m really intrigued by this tea! It strikes me as a kind of tea to drink when you want to reach that elevated level of energy, not necessarily a tea that you steep to sit and talk over. Does that make sense?

Overall, I totally dig this tea! Now that summer is officially on the way and the kids are home from school, I forsee this tea being my secret weapon in order to keep up with the kids!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tea review of MoxTea’s Viking Moxie tea! Definitely check out their website and this tea!


Keep on steeping,



Tea Review | Blossom’s Black Currant Herbal Tea

Spring! It’s here!

Well, in Florida, there’s no spring. The Sunshine State skips straight into Summer….

Spring makes me want to escape into a 2005 Pride & Prejudice fantasy, dress up in white airy gowns, walk through British meadows into the arms of Mr. Darcy and drink tea while reading books in the shade of a big tree with the chirping of birds filling the air.

If I could make this particular spring experience into a tea, it would most definitely be the Black Currant Herbal Tea from Blossom. One could smell the sweet fruitiness before even opening the package!


 This organically cultivated tea is a blend of black currant, hibiscus flower, apple, blackberry leaf, elderberry and rosehip.


Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, black currant is native to Northern parts of Europe, and can be eaten raw but it’s usually cooked with sweeter components. That’s why the Hibiscus is a harmonious complement, adding a freshness and brightness to the tea.

The most notable distinctions of this tea are the piquant flavors of the black currant masterfully paired with the tartness of apples and natural sweetness from the hibiscus. Can you taste is yet?


One of the other qualities that struck me as well was the color of this tea! It produced a deep, gemstone-like maroon color and because of the quality organic ingredients, the liquid itself was transparent and not cloudy. Can a tea sparkle? I think mine did.


This tea was definitely an experience to be had and more than worth the price! Below is my summary of Blossom’s Black Currant Herbal tea!

Aroma: fresh, sweet, earthy. 8/10

Appearance: whole pieces, 8/10

naturally sweet, calming, rich, no additional sweetener needed, 9/10

deep purple-ish red, clear steep, 9/10

ingredients high in vitamin C, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, aids in lowering blood pressure, 8/10

Overall experience:
8.5/10 this is by far one of my top 10 favorite loose leaf teas!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tea feature, tea lovers!
Keep on Steeping!