Sip a Cuppa with Me at the Plentea Tea Bar

Last month, I checked Toronto off my bucketlist. We had a weekend getaway to visit Niagara Falls, wineries and spend the day in that wonderful city. While we were there, we LITERALLY stumbled across a surprising gem of a place on Queen Street West called Plentea Tea Bar in Parkdale, Toronto.

Plentea tea bar is located in the Parkdale neighborhood of Toronto.

Plentea’s mission is to evolve the culture of tea, upgrading the tea bag into a multi-sensory experience with an identity.

Their specialty: tea lattes.

But it’s not what you think. They don’t boil up a tea bag tea and throw some milk in it and call it a day. They steep your own personalized tea blend IN the milk. You heard me, personalized blend in the milk. Plentea has wall of individual herbs and spices and you can choose what and how much goes into your own tea blend.

A signature tea latte being poured straight from the steep.

The staff will dispense fresh herbs and spices from their tea wall, then, depending on what you’ve ordered, they’ll grind the spices in a pestle and mortar, or fill a espresso brewing filter with your blend and pressurize hot water through the tea blend (just like making an espresso but not with ground coffee beans), or steep it in their signature milk method.

Even if you find this approach to tea a little intimidating, there is a vast menu you can choose from if you’re lacking in gumption. These recipes are inspired by family tradition, old culture, and a drive for a technicolor experience.

This iced tea was an off-the-menu recipe that they suggested for me. It’s called a Sunny Cider: apple cider, ginger and hibiscus. Incredibly refreshing for such a warm day in Toronto.

Senses will be heightened, tea lattes will be drunk, and tea drinkers will be indulged at this unique tea bar, Plentea.

If you’re within diving distance (or even if you’re not), go to Plentea. You’ll not be disappointed!

Keep on steeping, tea lovers!