Tea Review | MoxTea’s Viking Moxie Tea

I’ve been anxiously waiting to try this special tea for months now and it’s finally here! I have to tell you the story before we even get to business here:

I purchased this tea during our recent move into a new house and the good ol’ US Postal Service gave this sweet company a run for their money by not properly forwarding packages to us. It took poor MoxTea 3 tries to get it to me, hence why I’m plain giddy to finally try this! I mean seriously, one doesn’t simply withhold tea from me.

viking moxie
I digress…

MoxTea is a Canadian based company that sells 2 main teas: the Chai Moxie (recently released last year) and the Viking Moxie (their “bread-and-butter” tea).


What makes the Viking Moxie tea so special is that the #1 ingredient is Rhodiola Rosea. It’s not very well known here in the states (well, at least I haven’t seen it anywhere) but it’s an ancient herb used in the Old World for boosting energy, focus and alertness.


Initially, the scent of the cinnamon and cloves really hits you in the nose. It tastes very earthy and there’s definitely a spicy kick from the cinnamon!

Aroma: 7/10 cinnamon and cloves
Appearance: 6/10 whole cloves, bits of cinnamon and rose petals. some broken tea leaves.
Flavor: 7/10 earthy, spicy
Color: 7/10 rich honey and deep amber color

Benefits: 9/10 energy booster from the rhodiola, alertness from the cinnamon, stress reducer from the rose petals.

Overall experience: 7/10 I’m really intrigued by this tea! It strikes me as a kind of tea to drink when you want to reach that elevated level of energy, not necessarily a tea that you steep to sit and talk over. Does that make sense?

Overall, I totally dig this tea! Now that summer is officially on the way and the kids are home from school, I forsee this tea being my secret weapon in order to keep up with the kids!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tea review of MoxTea’s Viking Moxie tea! Definitely check out their website and this tea!


Keep on steeping,



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