Curating Your Tea Collection | How to Shop for Tea (part 3)

This is the last of our Curating Your Tea Collection Series! We’ve cleaned out our teas, reorganized them neatly…now, how do we make sure we’re making good choices the next time we buy teas?

Whether you are a novice tea drinker or a seasoned one, hopefully at least one of the suggestions below with be of use to curating your tea collection!

#1 Do your research:
Before you buy any tea, whether at the grocery store, online or in a tea shop, take some time to research the tea company. It’s important to know if the tea is made from organic ingredients, where it’s harvested from, if it’s blended with teas from other countries, etc. Figure out what is most important to you and go from there.IMG_1581
#2 Face to face:
It’s ideal to purchase loose leaf tea in a tea shop where one can smell and sample the tea before buying. When buying bagged/sachet tea, find tea reviews and customer reviews. tip: buy a “sampler” box of teas to try a variety of teas/tisanes by that brand before investing in a box or tin.IMG_1852b
#3 Cat’s out of the bag:
Not all bagged teas are bad. Generally speaking, bagged teas tend to be lower in quality but some “bagged” teas are still good. Opt for “sachets” or pyramids” where the tea is higher grade and more on the loose-leaf side than tea-dust side.IMG_1020
#4 The price is right:
Generally, the price will be an indicator of the quality of the tea. The cheaper and higher the quantity, the lower the quality and less health benefits it will have. Aim for a smaller quantity of tea for a slightly higher price (refer to #1 to justify spending more money, though).IMG_1938
#5 Less is Better:

Although this may be a bit counter-intuitive, just go with me. Buy your teas is smaller quantities to ensure you have a fresh batch at home. It’ll keep you from drinking stale/old teas later on and in the event that you’re not to keen on the tea, you won’t feel as guilty. tip: only stock up on that ONE tea you drink all the time.

#6 Leaf me see that:

Take a look at the size of the leaves/flowers/fruits/etc in your tea or tisane. Just like eating “whole” foods is better for you, so is drinking “whole leaf” teas. the best kinds of teas are harvested by hand in small batches.

#7 Explore:
To enhance your tea experience, venture off to local tea houses with friends! Everything is better with good company by your side!IMG_2273Use these tips to replenish your newly-cleaned tea cupboard or drawer with some really incredible teas and have fun with it!

Keep on steeping, tea lovers!



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