Curating Your Tea Collection | Storing Your Teas (part 2)

In the last post, we explored how one spring cleans one’s tea cupboard or cabinet. Hopefully, you were able to pick up a useful tip or two! The one thing that is worse than having no tea at all, is not being able to enjoy a much craved but expired tea due to its lonely residence in the depths of our tea cupboards.

But now that we have rescued our teas from near oblivion, how does one go about keeping them organized to avoid the inevitable? Below are some ideas that I’ve used to give my teas a happier home:

1. invest in a tea caddy to economize space:

This is a pretty inexpensive tea caddy made from bamboo. You can get these for less than $20 on Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond.

2. buy little organizers from the dollar store:

These slender white organizers came from the Dollar Store. It’s amazing what you can find there and all of the different uses you can get out of them!

3. Other trendy storage ideas from fellow tea lovers:

Group individual tea bags into groups in your caddy, dividers or jars (chamomiles with chamomiles, chais with chais etc.)

Organize your tea caddy, dividers, or jars back into your cupboard and arrange them along the perimeters of the cabinet, so that there is a space in the middle. It’s ideal to be able to see at first glance all of your teas instead of moving things out of the way to see them all. If, instead of shelves, you have a drawer of teas, store them flat and plainly visible so that when you open it, you are able to see them all at first glance.

Tip: label loose leaf teas with the date of purchase or when the tea was made (a good question to ask when you’re buying teas at a shop) so you have an idea of its freshness.

Next time, I’ll show you how to shop for teas, what questions to ask and what to look for!

Keep on steeping, tea lovers!


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