Curating Your Tea Collection | Spring Cleaning (part 1)

If you’re even the slightest bit obsessed with tea, chances are that you may have a handful of boxes of teas somewhere in your kitchen…and over time, that tea collection can render itself unruly!

My tea situation last week!

Just as we are accustomed to “Spring Clean” our homes this time of year, our tea cupboards merit a bit of spring cleaning themselves.

If you suffer from this unfortunate circumstance, I’ll show you what I’m doing to keep my teas from falling by the wayside.

Spring Cleaning Your Tea Collection:

  1. set out all of your teas on your countertop or table so you can see everything you have

    My very messy tea collection!
  2. separate your teas into 3 categories: teas you know you’ll drink in the next month, teas you think you won’t drink any time soon and teas that already have expired (usually, there is an expiration date stamped on the side of the tea box or tin)
  3. If you have different brands of the same tea (like chamomile or different types of chai), group these together.

    Here, I grouped teas with like teas (chamomiles, breakfast teas, etc)
  4. Replace your teas with like teas back into your cupboard or drawer (either toss out your old tea or hold on to them somewhere else and use them for tea hacks I’ll be posting about soon!)

    Before and after!

Tea Tip: don’t overcrowd you tea cupboard so that it makes it hard to see the teas in the back. Make sure you can see all of your teas when you open the cupboard. Out of sight, out of mind also may apply to your teas!

I’m taking upon myself to curate my collection of teas to just what I love, and not have other teas cluttering my tea cupboard. This is my first step in this series to curate my perfect collection of teas. I’ll also be exploring how to shop for your future teas, how to properly store them and what to do with expired teas or teas you don’t plan on drinking anymore.

Stay tuned for the next part, tea lovers!

Keep on steeping,



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