Titanic Tea Party at the Tilted Teacup Tearoom

Over the Easter weekend, I was able to visit The Tilted Teacup tearoom & boutique for a special event: “Romance of Yesteryear, a Tribute to the Titanic” luncheon.


Nestled in the sleepy town of Brooksville, Florida, this unique tearoom boasts a stunning building built in 1924, with 3 main rooms to enjoy you afternoon tea, as well as a boutique sporting a myriad of tea-themed gifts, handmade accessories and the teas you get to enjoy from the Metropolitan Tea Company from Ontario, Canada.


Everyone was dressed in traditional Edwardian clothes and accessories. Even the waiters and waitresses looked like they stepped out of an early Downton Abbey episode!

This tea room has quickly become one of my local favorites for the expertly executed event ambiance, the exquisite teas, the freshly baked sweets and the scrumptious savories!
So…do you want to go to a real party?titanic real party

Our waiter (or better yet, our Titanic bellhop), escorted us to our table and immediately took our tea orders: we chose the Buckingham Palace tea and the Long Island Strawberry tea!


I had the Long Island Strawberry tea throughout our Titanic experience and it went very well with the sweets and savories! It’s a bright summery green tea with notes of strawberry and papaya….more suited from our Florida heat than the chilly Titanic but who cares? It was absolutely delicious!

Our first course was a chilled strawberry soup with mint which was extremely refreshing.

Then came the long-awaited tower of freshly baked blueberry scones, still hot from the oven, with Devonshire cream, vegetable quiches, beef wellingtons, salmon and shmear on a baguette, fig and walnut finger sandwiches, and cranberry chicken salad tarts.

On the dessert tier, there were raspberry lemons bars, pina colada mini cupcakes with toasted coconut, and strawberry shortcake cups!


We were warned about halfway through our tea of the iceberg we just hit but that there’s nothing to worry about and that there may be a drill we would have to do towards the end of our tea. (I don’t know where the Tilted teacup got this waiter, but he was absolutely fantastic and never broke character!)

Once our tea was over, we “toured the ship” for a bit and took pictures with the harpist and the infamous grand staircase!


This was a delightful event to attend and if you’re in the area, they’ll be having a Kentucky Derby themed Mother’s Day tea and an December Downton Abbey tea!


The tea room: http://thetiltedteacuptearoom.com/

the teas: http://www.metrotea.com/

I hope you enjoyed your maiden voyage through the Titanic’s afternoon tea!
Keep on steeping tea lovers,

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