Herbal Tea Feature | Peppermint

Ask my husband. Ask my friends. Ask anybody who knows me. They’ll tell you “Ingrid always falls asleep!”

I’m not the kind of person to stay up late and sometimes it seems like I need more sleep than most to make it through my day.


Let’s set the scene, shall we?

We’re staying at a friends house and we love staying up and hanging out together. I’m usually the one who falls asleep on my husband’s shoulder when we’re sitting on the couch, and I’m infamous for falling asleep through movies.

Who falls asleep during Princess Bride?! TWICE?!!!!


Until I found that when I drink peppermint tea in the evenings, I can make it through. There’s something uplifting, energizing and mind-clearing about this tea (I later learned it’s called menthol) that maybe will replace my morning coffee. Maybe.

(By the way, have you ever stopped to think that coffee could arguably be an herbal tea?!) #steepthat

But what’s even more interesting, is that Peppermint tea is more widely known for a different benefit! Peppermint tea helps even more with digestion, which is something I’ve had to regularly deal with, and i’ll tell you what, drink one or two of these babies right when you get up, and your whole insides will be awaaaaaake!

OK, enough of that kind of talk. Let’s get into the reasons I’m totally fan-girling (tea-girling? fan-teaing?) over a cup of pure, hot peppermint tea!


Native to Europe, Mint actually has hundreds of varieties like Russian mint, peppermint, red mint, and spearmint to name a few. So next time you buy some mint tea, check what kind of mint it is and what other herbs and spices were added!

The cooling, minty freshness comes from the Menthol content in the leaves of the plant and is commonly found in dental hygiene products, and topical pain reliever creams. In fact, the menthol content is different in each mint variety. For example, Spearmint ( or Moroccan Nana Mint) has minimal amounts. Something to the tune of less than 1%. Peppermint, on the other hand, has the likes of 40%!

Peppermint also helps with congestion, stress, nausea, bloating, alertness, bad breath, anti-inflammatory, and is even a mild appetite suppressant! Ladies and gents, this basically means that you need to have peppermint in your pantries if you don’t already or you grow your own mint!

On that note, here’s a cool (pun intended) recipe I tried: fresh peppermint leaves and a couple of orange peels from a fresh orange in freshly boiled water. the oils in the orange skin blends so well with the cooling peppermint!


Also, peppermint pairs well with citrus fruits, tropical fruits, melons, mediterranean foods, milk or dark chocolate and mojitos. lots and lots of mojitos. Amiright?!

I hope my little tea feature on peppermint helps you or inspires you to give it a try!

Keep on steeping, tea lovers!

sources: “20,000 Secrets of Tea” By Victoria Zak and  http://foodiegardener.com/grow-mint-indoors-spearmint-and-peppermint/


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